Band Biographies: Buried By My Heartache

Buried By My Heartache is more than just a band, they are a family of brothers, bound by their love and passion for music

What originally started with a couple of friends jamming some musical ideas, Jason 'Jazzy Cal' Joyce and Chippy Chipperfield soon realized that the music they were writing had so much more potential. Joining them was Matt 'Matty7' Haynes, Jo Lawless, and Matt ‘Munkey' Wood finalising the new metal family

Buried's sound is an amalgamation of several individual influences, ranging from the crazy thrashing of the 80s to the melodic metalcore of the 00s. Utilizing these influences, Buried's catalog began to grow and flourish, resulting in their own unique style of the 'Melodic Metalcore' sound.

Whether it's Munkey's powerful vocals, Chippy's trembling drum beats, or the melody of the three residential string family, Buried's love and passion for playing music is shown through their head-on spirit and can-do attitude. Buried By My Heartache is more than ready to bring its music to the world and to a stage near you.

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