Band Biographies: Burn The Evidence

It all started on February 28, 2022, I remember it was our first official meeting in person. As we all know each other at this point, we shared the stage together a couple of times in the past with our précédent project. Eric Desormeaux and Maxime Rondeau were in Fractures & Outlines, and Emmanuel, Dom, and myself(remi) were in greta knights. So … it brings us to the February 28th, 2022 meeting, I told the guys that I don’t want to just play music... I want to create an experience.. their response was the same the day Burn the Evidence was born, it was the day we decide to go more than just play songs live, we want YOU to remember us so that the moment we realize … let’s blend mysteries and Inspectors lives to the project! I’ve always been a fan of crime stories, and I always wanted to know the story behind them. Not the killer!!!. The inspectors who put their lives on hold to catch those guys.

We have the amazing chance to have Eric Desormeaux in the band … man this guy know is shit! He’s our producer, guitar player, guitar tech, live sound engineer and he’s the owner of TinyRik Production. This man got a lot of hats to wear but as a team, we accomplish everything. Teamwork makes the dream work (stone mountain 64). It’s kinda hard to categorize our sound, I would say we are a modern metalcore band or nümetalcore band. Choruses are melodic and riffs and breakdowns are heavy.

We all have 10-15 years + in the local music scene. Last thing, we have the chance to work with 80.oaks photography... it’s Eric’s cousin .. as I said earlier Eric got a lot of hats to wear .. cuz he’s a machine.. well it’s in the family man cause sylvain courchaine (80oak) is the man for photo and video and he’s good! So now.. let the investigation begin

Rémi Arsenault - Lead vocalist
Eric Desormeaux - Guitar,Rec and Live Engeineer
Maxime Rondeau - Lead Guitar
Dominik Roy - Bass
Emmanuel Jean - Drums

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