Behind The Tracks: Myon - Height Of Decadence (Single) (2023)

The idea for our latest single Height of Decadence came from our keyboard player Mika Pohjola. He was inspired by some modern keyboard sounds and created the first demo of the song. After that, we began developing the song by adding different layers and textures. Little by little everybody attributed their vision and sound, so that’s how the song started to reach its full potential.

The melody and lyrics were created together with the harmonies and rhythms. The song is actually inspired by everything that happens around us. Unconsciously we are affected by so many things that it’s impossible to explain where the ideas are exactly coming from. After all, we prefer not to explain how to interpret the lyrics and the meaning of the song. Our goal was to make a complete piece of music that tells a story from the beginning to the end.

This single is a beginning of a new era for Myon. The last record was more progressive and complex, so with this new record, we are concentrating more on good and memorable melodies without losing the progressive edge and passion for music.

The new single is an important part of our upcoming album and it presents the new sound and vision of our music. There are lots of different songs and some musically and lyrically unexpected moments but the upcoming record is still going to be approachable and cohesive elaboration.

The production of the single and the whole album presented some changes for us. We have used more acoustic instruments on this album. There are some nylon and steel string acoustic guitar parts and pretty bold musical and lyrical references that we decided to keep on the record regardless of popular opinion. After all, we are confident enough that we don’t really care what people think. As long as we are satisfied and proud of the album ourselves that’s all that matters. We really feel that the whole production and the music itself have been a big step forward for us as a band.

The process of making this track and the whole album was hard work but still a joy and memorable experience. We hope that everybody will experience and enjoy the new and improved sound of Myon!

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