Band Biographies: Fell Harvest

Based in Cheyenne Wyoming, Fell Harvest strives to inject the somberness of 90s death doom with the energy of modern melodic death and thrash. Formed in 2018 by frontman Joseph Fell, they released their first EP just in time for the pandemic and its accompanying disruptions. The band spent the following year writing and recording a full-length. The resulting effort, Pale Light in a Dying World, was released in July of 2021. The title track for this record was featured on “Doomed and Stoned in Colorado” in April of that year.

Combining influences such as My Dying Bride, Rotting Christ, Type O Negative, and Metallica, Fell Harvest’s overall sound is at once familiar and challenging, taking listeners to well-known places via new and exciting musical paths. The band’s current lineup consists of founder, bassist, and vocalist Joseph Fell, Guitarist Liam Duncan, and drummer Mike Smith.

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