Band Biographies: The Fires Below

The Fires Below are a London-based heavy rock band formed in 2022. Influences include punk rock, stoner rock, and metal, combining to ignite that little mosh demon within your soul! Merging irresistible hooks and thundering guitars, bass, and drums the band is set to melt your brain and leave you wanting more.

The band started as a lockdown project by frontman Smithy, using the downtime for songwriting. The collaboration began remotely, but the band now rehearses and plays shows regularly, unleashing rock fury.

The band so far has 2 self-published singles, ‘Normality’ & ‘Out to Destroy’, the latter receiving over 10K streams on Spotify. Since then, the band has been back in the studio recording a 4 track EP entitled ‘Masquerade’ to be released later this year accompanied by live shows in London yet to be announced.

Smithy (Vocal, Guitar),
Del (Drums),
Si (Bass Guitar),
Sam (Guitar).

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