Band Biographies: Nightbird Casino

Nightbird Casino began in 2017 in southern California, formed by multi-instrumentalists James Moore and Kelly Hutchinson. In 2018, they recorded and released the EP Everything Has Happened Before, and the band officially began their journey. Artistic integrity, creativity, and passion are the perfect words to describe Nightbird Casino. “I want us to be as creative and original and out there as possible. In a way, I want to create music that makes people think,” says James when asked how he would describe their music. “I like music that forces you to kind of sit up and take notice.” Take notice indeed: the first time you push play on a Nightbird Casino track you will hear complex rhythms, intricate guitars, the haunting ambiance of the ondes martenot, and lyrics crafted from a true wordsmith. For the band, it was initially all about experimenting. “It was initially just like, how many different instruments can we cram into a song?” Their sound has developed to be about finding a balance between experimenting and still being musically accessible. It's a difficult balance to strike, but a feat Nightbird Casino seems to accomplish effortlessly. The band, currently James, Oliver Collins (drums),

Landon Strine (bass), and Amanda Moore (ondes martenot, keys) are currently recording their third full-length album, set to be released worldwide in early 2024.

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