Track By Tracks: Tiwanaku - Earth Base One (2023)

1. Visitor from Titan:

This song is a true story. After I had just filled in for a friend's band in Albuquerque New Mexico. Michael Estes(RIP) and I were in my truck on our way back into the Jemez Mountains where I was living at the time. That night the Perseid meteor shower was in full bloom lighting up the sky and the desert in front of us. We passed Jemez Pueblo and kept seeing a light in the woods ahead of us. We lost sight of it and then we went around a sharp right turn and it was in the middle of the road right in front of us. As I was slowing my truck down trying not to hit it, it got bright as day, got bigger and smaller over and over super fast. I almost had the truck stopped when it got much bigger and then shot up the mesa we were driving on like a bolt of lightning and then was gone.

2. Ghost War:

In this song, I dreamt of the intro music and the story of a war developed between Human reality and the Paranormal Reality. The paranormal side is tired of the ghost hunting that disrupts their reality in a bad way. Human reality has no idea they are causing the harm and the only way to learn of it is by being killed by a ghost which reaches through portals to take our souls right from our own flesh and blood leaving our bodies lifeless.


I set out to write a song that is hard to play right every time. I mixed in a dream I had about a Swarm of birds that mishappen upon some tainted meat not stored correctly by an underground military base nearby. The birds eat the meat and become indestructible metal birds that look like a transformer but are much more sinister looking. This Swarm of little metal beasts devours anything worth eating in its path to continue growing the Swarm until it takes over the base and eventually the whole planet.

4. Nightmare Hall:

Nightmare Hall is inside an underground military base in Northern New Mexico. It is one of the levels to the base there. They experiment on humans, animals, and yes you guessed it beings not from this world. This song is about the Philip Schneider story which can be found on youtube. Check it out.

5. Closed Minds:

This song is about the people that didn't believe in UFOs until the government told them they are real.

6. Giants Below Us:

This song is about the civilization that we share our planet with. Most people believe that UFOs and aliens are from space. In this song, we mix two stories. The one about Bigfoot and the one about Giants that "lived" on the planet "years ago". I think they are one and the same and they come from inside planet Earth. They've been here just as long if not longer than humans have.

7. Vision Abducted:

When I was under for surgery I had a vision. I was in Tiwanaku Bolivia. I was walking around the ruins and found an opening that was a stairwell that went into the planet. I heard some kind of machinery. I finally found it and opened a door to find a Giant. Very human-like but much taller and larger than any human. It was on a large stretcher and had some kind of canopy over the top of it. I walked towards it and as I got closer...I then woke up in the hospital bed. I was there. I could smell the air, hear the machinery, and feel my surroundings. I have described this in more detail with people that know about Tiwanaku in detail and they all are surprised to hear my descriptions and say it was no coincidence. I have some kind of ties to Tiwanaku. Maybe someday I will find out exactly what they are. We will be playing in Bolivia soon. We can't wait to go to Tiwanaku. My bandmates will have to tear me away from it.

8. Today In Battle:

This one we have special guests Alex Webster(Cannibal Corpse) on bass, Michael Estes(RIP)(Burning Inside) on lead guitar, and Royse Bassham on drums. I wrote this song about the Mayan collapse. We weren't going to put this song on the album but when Michael Estes(RIP) passed away I decided he deserved to have it appear on this album. Michael put his heart into this song and Tiwanaku. Today in Battle was recorded long before Earth Base One so it does sound a bit different.

9. Falling Stars:

Our keyboard and piano wizard Ryan ONeill wrote this instrumental piano piece. I named it and we went with it


This song is a dedication to our former manager and my best friend Brian "Progcop" Goldsmith(RIP). He passed away in 2019 unexpectedly. He was the one responsible for introducing me to Daniel Heiman(xLost Horizon,xWarrior Path). Brian heard me playing some of the acoustic guitars in this song and made me promise him I would use it somewhere on the album. So after Brian passed I sent Daniel the music, lyrics, and vocal arrangements and he poured his heart into this song too. He also provided many amazing harmonies. Daniel is such an amazing vocalist! He also knew Brian like I knew him. He was the kindest person I have ever met and his love for metal soared much higher than most. So I wrote these lyrics with Brian in mind.

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