Band Biographies: Suicide Puppets

Suicide Puppets is a nationally touring five-piece metal band hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and have been touring regionally since the band's beginning in 2007. Blasting their audience to bloody bits of sonic shrapnel, the Suicide Puppets, feature Twisty Suicide on vocals, Jonny Suicide on bass and backup vocals, Steven Suicide on lead guitar, Donnie Von Gailinger on rhythm guitar, and Veritas Suicide on drums.

They have shared the stage with Wednesday 13, The 69 Eyes, Sumo Psycho, Napalm Death, Dope, Combiechrist, OTEP, Mushroomhead, a US tour with Soulfly, and many more. Suicide Puppets have won two consecutive best metal band awards at the Central Pennsylvania Music Awards. (2020,2021)

Suicide Puppets recently signed with M&O Music and have an EP release scheduled for October. A single was released off that EP “Death Note” on May 16th, 2023. You can find the video for it here

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