Behind The Artworks: Catharsis - I (2023)

This woman is actually a friend of mine. She made a picture for Halloween where she had herself sprayed with water and then doused flowers over her naked body. You could actually see her bra hanging on the nightstand over her shoulder. I really liked that picture and asked her if I could use it as artwork for a poster or an album. So I darkened the background and so she ended up as the cover of our debut. To me, it depicts the darkness in mankind. So our being named catharsis makes this art even more meaningful.

The Album is called ‘I’ so you can interpret that in 2 ways. ‘I’ means ‘me’ or just simply the number 1. It is actually the latter. Just 1 because it is our first album. Our second album will be named 2 and the third 3, but we will still try to throw you off course by using the Arabic word ‘Ythnayn’ which means 2, or ‘Tree’ for the third one.

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