Behind The Artworks: Crown Solace - Animus (2023)

The beautiful artwork created by Rebecca Brayman really captures the running theme throughout ANIMUS. Themes of conflict and war surround our everyday lives internally and externally which is presented to us through the windows within the artwork, the windows to our lives, as humans. Animus presents itself in so many different ways individually to us all, and each window gives us a glimpse into how such hostilities may become prevalent in our everyday lives. To take one song, “Return To Dust” - this track tackles the subject of war and how as a race we become guided into the conflict through the media and control, to be told to fight and defend for what is right. Once we’ve served our purpose we become obsolete, only for us to be cast aside and return to dust.
There are many other facets of hostility tackled in the songs themes so we hope that the artwork conveys this broad subject is one worth thinking about, as it affects us all.

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