Behind The Artworks: DETERIOROT - The Rebirth (2023)

As the band DETERIOROT, our journey in crafting our new album "The Rebirth" extended beyond just making music, diving deep into the visceral realm of art. The artwork reflects a personal and symbolic narrative that mirrors life and art, signifying the profound transformation and awakening of the sole songwriter and the original member of the band.

"The Rebirth" isn't merely an album title for us, it's a thread that binds the entire album, creating a unified narrative of rebirth and rejuvenation in the face of a stark world. This essence of a resurgence in adversity is visually encapsulated in the artwork: a fierce, freshly awakened being stands ready for conquest. This imagery, coupled with the music, spins a tale that breathes life into the album's name and intent.

Creating the artwork was an iterative journey. We initially designed it with various demon-like figures, but after sharing it with our members and Dave Rotten, we collectively felt a revision was in order. Instead, we chose to feature a vibrant red river, which seamlessly resonated with the themes of the album, and provided a better fit for all of us.

The artist behind this compelling work is Iwenk from Indonesia. His flexibility and cooperation made the entire process incredibly smooth. Although we didn't consciously embed hidden symbols in the artwork, both we and our fans have found immense value in the art for its aesthetic appeal and thematic harmony.

Looking back on our artistic trajectory, there's a recurring theme of skies in our album covers - a motif that we've carried since 1993. To us, the sky symbolizes a beautiful form of darkness, and it serves as a fitting metaphor for our creative expression in music. But with "The Rebirth", we adopted a more hands-on approach. We personally chose the colors, logo, and font, resulting in artwork that our fans are eagerly waiting to see in different formats such as vinyl and t-shirts.

This deeper involvement in creating the artwork marked a new experience for us, giving rise to what seems to be our most popular cover yet. As we step into the next phase of our musical journey with "The Rebirth", we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our fans for being part of this riveting journey of revival and renewal.

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