Behind The Artworks: NIBIRU - Anamorphosis (2023)

Working while listening to a record, as has already happened on other occasions, is, in my opinion, an experience of two-dimensional operation that transforms the texts into images and gives the music a high-sounding connotation. Not interesting enough as a creative act. Often seen in books and records, in which also engravings, paintings and images that take us back to a past of quotations ("Ah..the disc with Kittelsen !", or" the book with Agostino Veneziano on the cover " can be copied and pasted justifying the icon that already encloses the synthesis of an archetype).
Luckily I dissociate myself, not so much because he's good, but more for the disposition of the members of the Nibiru who humanely and with great refinement have been able to welcome me into the maze of visceral filth, in order to create something more organic, non-trivial and above all magmatic. Creative freedom, by self-definition, does not know, nor can it limit itself, so we do the dirty work of rendering together all more intrinsic, original and concrete, has led us to some cognitive comparisons, from which arises, in addition to the final artwork a shamanic and lysergic experience. For me it was and fortunately still is, an honor to work with Professionals, with a past made up of experience and taste, which do not compromise Their Souls and Minds in the name of an easier reception.

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