Behind The Tracks: Coastwise - Gimme What You´ve Got (Single) (2023)

A gaze pierces the crowd, pushing past the multitude of people to reach its destination. It lands on a set of eyes, and for a fraction of a second they lock as if for eternity, only to break the connection just as quickly. But the message was sent and received. The flame is lit and the game is on.
We can all identify with this situation. The tension of lust in the pursuit of passion. The push and pull of the chase. “Gimme What You’ve Got” was written precisely with this focus. It zooms into the highest moment of desire, when the blood is pulsing and the air is hot, just before the energy is released. It takes its inspiration from what is primal within us all, and of something that is in the very essence of Rock.
To this end, the song features a groovy bassline and lots of dynamics, something that has been somewhat missing in modern rock. There is no wall of sound here, as the music ebbs and flows between tension and release, providing the perfect balance of both. It leaves you right on the edge, begging for the fireworks to come. Just like real life.

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