Behind The Tracks: Exiled Hope - Blood Of The Ancients (Single) (2023)

After I released my second album, Angel of Greytown, I took about a year off of making my own original music to just practice and develop my skills. I had a clear idea of what I wanted the third album to sound like, but I didn't have the skills to take the next steps in a new direction. "Blood of the Ancients" is the first look into the heightened, more dramatic style I had wanted to create for years, but which I had lacked the ability to create until recently. The whole idea behind Exiled Hope as a project was for everything to sound as authentically like myself as possible, but I felt like I had hit a wall and that my skills were too limited for me to express myself in the ways I wanted to. "Blood of the Ancients" is the proud, triumphant culmination of over a year spent learning to become a more expressive, versatile, sincere artist.

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