Behind The Tracks: GODSPEAR - Eye Of The Storm (Single) (2023)

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes of our musical journey with GODSPEAR. Creating our latest single, "Eye of the Storm", was an adventure filled with unexpected turns, growth, and, ultimately, a thrilling milestone. We're excited to share the inspiration and process behind it.

In the beginning, our aim was to craft a melodeath song that was a progressive blend between Symphony X and Children of Bodom. We envisioned keyboard leads, fast solos, and intriguing rhythm parts. However, as we began the composition, we realized the song was leaning more toward power metal. Instead of resisting this shift, we embraced it wholeheartedly, breathing life into what became "Eye of the Storm". Yet, even amidst the power metal vibe, we held onto some progressive elements. This is evident in our approach to arrangements, wherein we strived to add variation and avoid repetitive power chords or tremolo picking.

Our lyrical journey was inspired by the melody itself. By immersing ourselves in the song, words naturally surfaced, which we then pieced together to form the story of the song. At its heart, "Eye of the Storm" explores the theme of confronting the unknown and overcoming adversity - a universal experience that shapes us as individuals.

Writing and producing the track was a steady and straightforward process. We had a clear vision of the sound we were aiming for, which guided us toward the desired outcome. We faced no unique challenges; instead, the track seemed to organically find its way from conception to completion.

"Eye of the Storm" is not just a single, but a symbol of our musical evolution. It's our first release, marking a significant milestone in our journey as a band. While all our songs belong to the realm of progressive power metal, each carries a distinct personality, reflecting our diverse influences and creative explorations.

Our hope for this single, and indeed for all our upcoming music, is to reconnect listeners with the classic era of power metal - the late 90s to early 00s. We've been deeply inspired by bands like Rhapsody, Stratovarius, and Symphony X, and our songs are a tribute to this impactful genre that has shaped our musical journey. We aim to elicit a sense of joy and nostalgia in our listeners, reminiscent of our own experiences with this incredible genre.

One part of "Eye of the Storm" that stands out to us is the chorus. Bursting with energy, it's a section that we're particularly proud of as it pays homage to the classic power metal choruses that have left their mark on the genre.

From GODSPEAR to you, "Eye of the Storm" is an invitation to join us in our love for power metal and the journey into the exhilarating world of music that awaits.

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