Behind The Tracks: Grind Fever - Runaway (Single) (2023)

Creating our latest single was quite an adventure. It all began in our rehearsal room, when one of the band members brought in an idea that immediately sparked our creativity. As we often do, we began developing the song layer by layer, each new riff strengthening and solidifying the original concept.

The melody, a creation of countless at-home sessions with a low-quality recording of one of our rehearsals, evolved organically, as did the lyrics. What began as a rough draft from one member was reimagined by Francisco, who added a new layer of meaning and depth. This process of dual interpretation is something we've used in the past, as it adds complexity to our work and allows our audience to connect with the songs on different levels.

With this single, we feel that we've marked the beginning of a new era for Grind Fever. The track serves as a reflection on the blurred lines between reality and dreams, the known and the unknown. It's about the human pursuit of discovery and our tendency to lose ourselves in our visions of alternate realities and future societies.

This song is a crucial part of our upcoming record. While the album encompasses a variety of songs, some heavier, others groovier, they all resonate together, creating an unintentional narrative that we feel is quite compelling. We wouldn't say it's a concept album per se, but the underlying themes and sonic elements do tie together beautifully.

The production of this track came with its unique set of challenges. We recorded it as a trio instead of a quartet, which put a lot of pressure on Ricardo, who had to record multiple guitar tracks and layers. Despite the challenge, we loved the process of recording, giving feedback on the mix, and collaborating with our trusted partner, André Ribeiro.

This single feels like a turning point for us. It carries the essence of Grind Fever, but presents a more mature, refined sound. We've embraced our diverse musical influences and tried to infuse them into our songs without obsessing over genre definitions. This represents our growth as a band and outlines our vision for the future.

We hope that our listeners will appreciate the evolution of our sound, perceiving the changes as a positive maturation. We expect this release to appeal to our loyal fans and potentially attract new ones. The chorus of the song, which we are all quite proud of, is particularly catchy, making it an ideal choice for our first single.

Though there are no specific personal anecdotes tied to the creation of this single, the entire process was a joy. We found immense pleasure in composing and recording the song, and we can't wait for our listeners to finally hear it.

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