Behind The Tracks: Nightbird Casino - Radio Anxiety (Single) (2023)

Radio Anxiety evolved over the course of a year -- originally two different songs that eventually were fused into one. The main guitar riff was loosely inspired by Helicopter by Bloc Party (which was, in turn, based on Set the House Ablaze by The Jam). The guitars and organs during the slow chorus part were recorded through a vintage Leslie speaker - there's so many sounds layered in that part. There's even some reversed sleighbells. Lyrically, as with most of our songs, there are a lot of different merging ideas and narratives - there's generally no straightforward "story" per se to Nightbird Casino songs. The overarching idea is how we all have personas we put on in public, particularly when going to work. Most of us have experienced going to work and "turning off" our real self and putting on the work mask, so to speak. There's a lot of that idea in this song.

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