Behind The Tracks: Os13 - Guerreiro Do Bem (Single) (2023)

It was a very special job, as it was a song I wrote in mid-2011 at a time of many struggles and trials in my life (I lost my mother to cancer and then I had cancer).
The song speaks of this feeling of always looking for something better and always evolving in a positive way for yourself and the world! (highlights Andrey Milan vocalist of the band Os13)
We started producing it with the band in 2017 and finally set the lyrics Andrey wrote to music, always influenced by great national and international artists who shape our sound. (Pedro Piapa bassist of the band Os13)
We recorded the final version with our producer Henrique Canalle and we were honored to have the legendary Penguin Ruas - drummer for Charlie Brown Jr. - recording with us this sound that was certainly a dream come true for all of us! (André Amato guitarist of the band Os13)

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