Behind The Tracks: Ricky Byrd - Louanne (Single) (2023)

Ricky Byrd: My last 2 records “Clean Getaway” and “Sobering Times” had lyrics that spoke to the issues of addiction and recovery. With this new batch of tunes that I’m releasing as singles on Wicked Cool Records, I was consciously staying away from that subject matter. 'Louanne' started with the riff and chords, as do most of the songs I write. Then I start to mumble words and fool with a melody. As I was going through the usual process I blurted out “Louanne.. if anybody could you can.” Then came the line“Why don’t you go on and get yourself right .. Louanne.” I knew at that point where I was headed! So I guess you can say lyrically Louanne is a song of encouragement for someone struggling with something, and the music is being driven by a nasty RnR riff.

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