Behind The Tracks: WITHER//BLOOM - HEAL RIGHT (Single) (2023)

Matt Mele: “Heal Right” is a reflection of the disconnect we feel when we can’t relate to normal people regarding family, whether that is because of an early loss or total dysfunction. When your family is struggling throughout childhood, you can miss a lot of core life experiences that develop one's character. You may also feel unprepared for many things in life because you were never taught how to be prepared. This becomes an internal struggle when you see everyone else around you getting by, and still having healthy relationships with their family.

This track was mostly written in the hot summer months of Arizona, and the AC was broken where I was living at the time. The house was 100+ degrees inside and truly felt like a tomb. The song went through a few revisions before the heavy electronic elements were fully dialed in, but it really came together once we started to add the Phonk elements. We have a lot in the pipeline that we are excited to share this year. Heal Right is just the beginning.

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