Track By Tracks: Orchid’s Curse - The Decay (2023)

The EP as a whole:

Musically this EP is our most mature work yet. 5 songs with a variety of different musical influences but also still having the Orchid’s Curse sound.Songs range from a 2:30 thrash banger to a 6::30 epic melodic metal song. Lyrically the EP looks at the continued to decline and decay of our modern society.

Track By Track:

1. Better Men:

The first song to open the EP starts with a lo-fi build before opening up with a thunderous rhythm. Midway through the song it alternates between spacial atmosphere and the unrelenting rhythm which opens the track. Before closing with an epic, hardcore-inspired breakdown. Lyrically this song looks at men’s complacency in what is often deep-rooted and historical misogyny.

2. Dead Idols:

Unlike the opening track, this song gets right into it from the opening note. Dead Idols is 4-minute melodic death and thrash-inspired banger. Lyrically this song explores society’s idolization of people who may not deserve the adoration.

3. The Divergence of Man:

Track 3 is our homage to sludge and vintage melodic hardcore bands like Burnt by the Sun. This song is not only more patient in scope than the others on this EP but also more experimental. Lyrically this song looks inward at our willingness to sit back apathetically watching the collapse of our society.

4. Divided by Everything:

This song is short and to the point. A 2:30 ripper that serves its purpose and gets the mosh pit moving. Lyrically this song dives into the political farce that is left versus right divide occurring in most western cultures with the chorus stating simply “Divided by Everything, Bonded by Division”.

5. Pay to Prey:

There was no doubt this song would close the EP. At just over 6 minutes this song takes all elements of Orchid’s Curse sound and wraps it up into one tightly wound package. Lyrically this song revisits a theme from past albums and is a scathing look at the commercialism behind religious institutions.

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