Track By Tracks: AmongRuins - Land Of The Black Sun (2023)

As AmongRuins, our songwriting primarily draws inspiration from our personal experiences, which are often challenging to fully articulate. However, we can share that three songs - "Our Destructive Tide", "Suffer for Credence", and "Forever the Signs" - engage with broader societal themes. While they still emanate from our personal perspectives and experiences, they encompass our evolving roles in society, touching on universal struggles, perceptions, and responses.
Our lyrics are intentionally designed to be open to interpretation, allowing our listeners to connect them to their own experiences and emotions. We prioritize fostering a connection and a shared understanding, rather than merely describing a given situation.
Although our album doesn't follow a specific concept, we are united by an overarching intention of authenticity. Our songs spring from the well of our genuine, lived experiences, creating a tapestry of honest emotion and insight. The music is arranged in such a way that each track contributes to this overall theme, guiding listeners through an emotional journey that may not initially rely on understanding the lyrics. This journey then leads to a deeper exploration of darker and complex facets of the mind and soul.
One song that proved particularly challenging was "End of My Fall". We had a clear vision for the song, but translating that vision into reality was a different story altogether. It's often the case when you have a precise idea in mind; you're never entirely satisfied until you've hit that exact sweet spot. This pursuit of perfection can be arduous, yet far more rewarding than the ease of spontaneously jamming new songs – something we seldom do.

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