Behind The Artworks: AmongRuins - Land Of The Black Sun (2023)

As AmongRuins, the concept and meaning behind our artwork spring from a difficult and dark era that greatly inspired us. We desired to communicate this same depth of struggle through our visual representation, embodying a journey across a barren land burdened with hardship, a journey towards a higher purpose.

The moment we saw the completed artwork for the first time, we felt the depth of our emotions and creativity mirrored perfectly. The visuals seemed to encapsulate the struggle for redemption we had poured into our music and lyrics, reflecting an inner realm we all grapple with. The artwork became a testament to this struggle and a symbolic representation of the path toward redemption.

Our collaboration with Nikos Stavridakis and VisionBlack brought this vision to life. We approached Nikos with just a seed of an idea, asking him to listen to our music and create based on what he felt. His work exceeded our expectations, and the creative process was seamless. Having known Nikos for nearly two decades and being aware of his ability to connect with deep inner darkness, we knew he would understand and do justice to our songs' meanings.

The artwork subtly intertwines the album title and our band name, inviting viewers into another world or dimension. This "Land of the Black Sun" is a mystical place where the Black Sun stands as a life giver and a life taker, the focal point of everything. The Black Sun symbolizes life, death, and rebirth, boiling and radiating with a mysterious event poised to occur. Will this event be catastrophic or regenerative? The answer mirrors our music's dual nature, which can be devastating in parts, but also atmospheric and radiant. The artwork thrives on these contradictions, illustrating a struggle between the positive and negative.

Each of our album covers is unique, created by different artists and embodying distinct artistic styles and creative processes. This latest one is notably different in that we offered the artist almost complete creative freedom. We typically provide more guidelines, but with this one, we just let the music speak to the artist, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.

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