Track By Tracks: Daniel Bohn - Emotions Of The Sky (2023)

Opening with a progressive metal epic “The Red Blight”, has a more electro-pop beginning that quickly moves into more black metal movements and progressive metal rhythms. It starts the album off with the evil goddess (Oizys) spreading her “blight” or corruption amongst the land of the living. This song is very reminiscent or symbolic of how many religions throughout our history have gone on crusades to spread their beliefs and caused countless bloodshed for those who were not of their religion. Oizys hates that mortals throughout time have coveted material items, beauty, and tangible goods. Always praising her sister Plethora and overlooking Oizys. Her jealousy of her sister, causes her to destroy all the precious mortals to spite her sister. The song encompasses how the corruption putrefies everything it touches and causes a crimson blight to take over the land. No living thing is safe. It brings Oizys front and center as her plans to destroy her sister Plethora (Goddess of the material, beauty, and tangible) lay in motion.

1. Divinity:

Takes us to a more electronic and focused groove that harnesses the anger we have towards the goddess. This song envelops electronics and synths to push a for more divine feel. The song encompasses us forgoing our beliefs and the lies the goddess held if we believed in her. The symbolism is how humans now and throughout time have believes or followed many religions or leaders. How we believe that following this faith or this leader will absolve us and give us the afterlife we desire. We so want to believe that there is something after our death, that we will are blinded to what we do to those around us while we are living, in order to obtain our precious afterlife.

2. Alone:

This song is one of the most personal and emotional songs I have written to date. It is a sad and dreary track that builds its emotional power as it goes. As it ends, we get a slightly uplifting vibe. Alone Is a song of reflection. Remembering the past, all the failures, all the times we have fallen for the same tricks. In the story, we realize the gods are not with us, and we are truly alone, and that gods do not decide our fate, but we do.

3. Silver Winds:

The halfway point of our story and album. Silver Winds is another prog epic track, that harnesses an ethereal intro that builds towards a more death metal track. It becomes very fast-paced and builds to an epic end. Silver Winds have two storied mixed into one song. the first part takes us to find allies/friends in places outside of our comfort zone. Second, it takes us on the journey to find the strength and courage to stop the goddess from taking everything.

4. Oizys:

This brings our main villain and our main character together for the first time. Oizys is the goddess of the immaterial, the mind, the psyche, and everything intangible. After gaining the courage, we are breaking the chains from the goddess and not letting her control us any longer. In essence, the song symbolizes mental illness, and how it controls us and hinders us. How we can’t let it guide the way we live and there is a way to heal even when it feels there is no escape.

5. Disdained Gods:

Anger Is the theme here. Our main character is angry that the other Gods have not stepped into help, and nothing has been done with Oizys destroying so much. The main character and his allies forsake all the other gods. All the sacrifices made to honor the gods, to get their blessings, and everything the mortals have done in their name. The other gods, Plethora includes have forsaken the mortals, or so it seems.

6. Putrefaction:

Oizys starting to fear the main character and his allies, realizes that for as long as they have courage and hope, they will always be a threat to her plans. Whales have always had a special place in my heart, and in the colors of the land, a majestic whale helped our main character overcome darkness and helped him find the courage to defeat the Khan (An incarnation of evil created from Oizys). Oizys wanting to destroy that symbol of courage and hope, she corrupted and brought the blight to a whale, creating Kujira, a mindless obedient beast that is now the harbinger of fear. The song takes a more technical death metal approach and develops into an epic ending as our beloved whale falls.

7. Kujira:

This track tips its hats off to Gojira, as I leaned to their influence as they are the masters of whales and metal, to craft a powerful aggressive track to demonstrate the might of the Kujira. This song ends the album very bleak, as all courage dies with the fall of the whale, it’s fast and aggressive themes and catchy groves bring the listener into the final chapter of the album.

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