Track By Tracks: Endeavour - For The Time Being (2023)

Rising Euro metalcores ENDEAVOUR, are ready to step. The towering five-piece deliver their debut album, For The Time Being, on Friday 16th June. This killer album is backed by the release of their new single and video, Colourblind, out now -

We exclusively spoke to the band to uncover this track-by-track breakdown of the album:


One of the heaviest songs on the album alongside Aimless. There's lots of screams throughout the whole track, but it makes room for a more subtle part in the middle as a sort of bridge. This contrast keeps the overall vibe of the track heavy while giving the listener’s ears some time to rest. Musically very interesting and varied. Lots of synths and huge breakdowns.

Gijs: Lyrically it is about, very original I know, a breakup I went through :).

2. Blur:

Blur is one of our newest songs. It's melodic, big and has exciting choir parts. The chorus features a fun syncopated riff. The lyrics were inspired by the passing of Gijs' grandmother.

Anthony: This song almost feels like some kind of mash-up of all the different sounds you’ll find on the album, which I really like.

3. Black Box:

The lyrics were inspired by the MH-17 passenger plane being shot out of the sky, killing everyone. All were innocent passengers, mostly from The Netherlands so it's kind of a big deal here. Probably the softest song on the album. It has a catchy chorus with an uplifting feel to it, which ties into the MH-17 passenger plane theme. Halfway through there's a somewhat heavier section with an interesting harmonic approach.

Anthony: I have fond memories of writing the chorus vocals for Black Box sitting at the piano over at Gijs’ place with Jan and Gijs.’

4. Aimless:

This one is probably the heaviest track on the album. It has a huge chorus. A lot of energy throughout the whole track. There's less focus on contrast between parts in this song. Aimless’ lyrics are inspired by conspiracy theories. This track was written to be directly follow-up by Colourblind when we play it live. Going directly from the big chorus in Aimless to the subdued intro in Colourblind makes for a fun transition between songs.

5. Colourblind:

Colourblind is a very good nudge into the direction we want to go in the future. Small and vulnerable first verse, contrasted by a big breakdown with a choir in the background. The choir parts add a lot of texture to this track.

Gijs: Lyrically it was inspired by some of my darker days. We all have them.

6. Sober:

Gijs: This has to be my favourite song off the album and really shows us drawing inspiration from some of the freshers sounds from bands like Sleep Token and Bad Omens. Very atmospheric and melodic and builds up to a huge climax.

We feel like writing Sober made us explore new ways to produce and structure a song. It captured the idea of contrast we’re trying to convey in our music in a way that no other song on the album does. It adds a different flavour to the album because of it.

7. Breathe:

Breathe might be our most experimental song from a production standpoint and really stands out. That's because this is the only song written by our ex-member Vincent. Vocals again by Gijs and Anthony. This song's got Drum and Bass influences, a kind of rapped verse and the nastiest breakdown and sound overall.

8. 127:

This was the first single we released. Lyrically inspired by the movie "127 hours". It’s in no way a super heavy song but tries to lean more into capturing an ambient vibe. It has a couple of syncopated riffs throughout which are a joy to play.

Gijs: It still is our catchiest riff and chorus if you ask me.

9. For The Time Being:

Though it's the last song that we finished and recorded, it was actually one of the oldest demos we had lying around. You'll find less of our new sound and more of a "classic metalcore" sound in this track.

Anthony: I love the outro in this one. It’s all about the syncopated rhythm accompanied by a bright-sounding harmony that really opens this section up. I feel like it’s a fitting conclusion to the album.’

Gijs: The lyrics are inspired by my fear of looking too far into the future. I don't know why, it just overwhelms me.

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