Track By Tracks: Fell Harvest - The Dying (2023)

1. A Killing Frost:

The two main riffs in this song were written by Liam and I expand on them to create the whole thing. I was excited to include it because it has such a cool beat energy to it while still being very spooky and dark. The lyrics are inspired by ecological demise and disaster and how I think our descendants will remember us.

2. The Dying:

This song was actually written a fairly long time ago, I think parts of it go back to 2015 or 16. It originally had a different title and lyric concept, but after rewriting them it became one of my favorites and the title track for the record.

3. To the Dark, My Companion:

This song was a bit of a departure. We wanted something with some old school thrash energy, channeling Metallica and Carcass and this was the result. It originally didn’t feature a guitar solo, but after hearing what Liam put together for Charlatan’s Reek I really wanted one more good lead on the record. So the middle section was reworked to make that happen and he definitely delivered. I think the solo really makes the song and might be my favorite part of the whole album. The lyrics are about the life and death of one of my favorite artists: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

4. God of the Oak:

This was one of the final songs written for the record, along with Perish the Sun. The lyrics are about the very common, I think, yearning to reject civilization and its traps for a more pure and connected form of living.

5. The Charlatan’s Reek:

Our first video and now a crowd-favorite song live. A catchy main riff that I originally wrote a long time ago but never quite fit any project. Reworked it for this album along with new lyrics about self-proclaimed Instagram “wizards” and “occult” influencers.

6. Of Blood and Black Earth:

One of the first things I wrote for this record, and definitely the most Doom. Its lyrics were inspired by a dream where I woke up on a battlefield of corpses and was struggling to decide if I were dead or not.

7. Mirror on a Shadow World:

This song was one of the more challenging to write, it went through a number of revisions in the various parts and arrangement. I am happy with the end result which is a great balance of heaviness and hook. The lyrics are about mental illness and the isolation it creates.

8. Perish the Sun:

The last song we finished before starting recording. The main intro/verse riff was something that I came up with while driving my dogs to daycare. I hummed it into my phone and when I got home worked out the main structure of the song in about an hour. The lyrics and title were inspired by a science documentary I saw which mentioned the phenomenon of Gamma Ray Bursts and the effect they would have on a planet like Earth…hint…it’s not good.

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