Track By Tracks: Gory Blister - Reborn From Hatred (2023)

1. From the ashes....:

Inspired by 80's sci-fi horror sounds, it is a prelude to the new album, a gateway to the album dimension, in which Gory Blister is the ferryman of this journey.

2. Push out the Venom:

Fast technical guitar riffs and progressive arrangements are the first steps of a song that bridges the old and new Gory Blister style. The marked and powerful voice amalgamates everything, moving sinuously even in the parts that open to the melodies. An uncompromising song, with a special that makes the listener take a breath, but which immediately brings him back to the fast dimension of the song.

3. Relentless fear:

Heavy Mid-Tempo Riffs, with a Live dimension groove, alternate with fast tempo riffs and arrangements in the style of the best days of the 90s.

Short mid-tempo inserts with sci-fi horror atmospheres complete this compact death metal song.

4. Profound Sedation:

A mid-tempo intro of distorted bass and drums are the prelude to an explosion of ferocious blast beats and fast tempos that repeat throughout the song, take no prisoners, and have no melodic compromise. Direct and powerful as a punch in the face, gives a little breath only during the mid-tempo to support the guitar solo, and then returns to unleash ferocity and power.

5. Unexpected Livings:

An incessant groovy mid-tempo gives the cadence to the whole piece, which marches solid and decisive.

Fast tempo thrash and shorts blast beat season everything like the icing on the cake.

The instrumental finale, as well as the special of the song, creates an atmosphere that binds to the other previous atmospheres horror sci-fi of the songs that preceded it, passing the baton to this blood forever.

6. This blood is forever:

Alien sci-fi which inherits the atmospheres of Unexpected Livings, and transports the listener into the second part of the album, the most technical and virtuous.

7. Reborn From Hatred:

The title track immediately sets the record straight. Riffs articulated in a fast and ferocious structure, technical death metal arrangements, on fast tempo and blast beats devastating. A refrain to make all of Madison Square Garden sing is the rpeludio of a sharp guitar solo.

8. Greedy existence:

Heart of the album does not make prisoners between riffs and death groove arrangements and a granitic voice.

The song is the perfect soundtrack to the lyrics about people trapped in a world ruled by greed and brutality, where minds are dark and choices are manipulated.

Through the chaos they seek the truth they deserve, challenging the existing order.

9. Sing from beyond:

Death-like songwriting style, very inspired by Check Schuldiner's music, articulated riffs, and technical arrangements but all 100% enjoyable.

Probably the most refined song of the whole album.

10. Generation Ship:

Closing the journey, with technical speed and ferocity... a Death Metal that winks at the best days from the 90s, but with modern sounds and arrangements. Drums, Guitar, Bass, and Vocals give their best, and I make the listener want to listen to the album again.

11... to the flame:

Instrumental outro, The end celebrating the new beginning

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