Track By Tracks: SPILLAGE - Phase Four (2023)

1. Phase Four:

Building on the 'mad scientist' theme, Phase Four conceptualized science gone wrong by using it for power over humanity and questioning if this is the 'end of days'. The song moves to eventually consider whether people themselves will ever consider taking back control from the 'mad' people using this science for their own agendas. Has a bit of a comic-book vibe.

2. Nail Biter:

Nail Biter is really about how society and media can influence people (in this case, a woman) with negative opinions and judgments about "how one is supposed to be" in the eyes of others. With the suicide rate reaching epidemic proportions in current times, these false ideologies can drive a person to either 'live on the edge" or choose to roll down a more self-destructive path to please others, and the song is written from the eyes of a person that cares about helping the woman to see that society is driving the images & concepts they deem relevant to appear "successful" (on many levels) and that this person that cares is angry that she cannot (or will not) see the manipulation for what it is.

3. Love & Alchemy:

Nick came up with the title. Based on a situation where someone is attracted to somebody else outside the current relationship that they are in. It becomes weird and the person cannot hold back how they feel about the other person. Obsession takes over. Their heart gets broken and a dose of reality kicks in, and they start realizing what they have in their current relationship, but the bitterness of the fantasy dying with the outside obsession, has the person embracing the idea of "If I can't have you, nobody can". Almost like killing a craving.

3. Demon, I:

This song title started out as Demon Eye, as in powers that be are watching you. But then, the idea that the dark part of yourself trying to sabotage yourself, like the proverbial angel and devil sitting on your shoulders, whispering conflicting thoughts to you which could eventually have you believing you may actually be the Demon. Judging yourself is a possible negative result.

4. Rise of Machines:

This is like a sci-fi metal story. One of the first ideas Nick brought about, Elvin came up with the lyric: 'stepping on the mound of corpses, crushing souls that leave the air" and the song concept blossomed from that. It revolved around machines taking over the future, bringing a time traveler to determine a way to go back in time to reverse the grim reality of machines taking over (brought by man).

5. Nothing to See:

Elvin came up with the lyric concept during COVID. He would get in his car and drive around, noticing how empty parking lots were, fires burning in major cities due to civil unrest. Realizing that the possibility exists that government overreach, mind control, and manipulation can have powerful effects and the realization that we are covering our eyes to what's happening around us. Existing with blinders on to avoid conflict.

6. The Eleventh Hour:

This was the last riff we came up with for this album. Nick came up with the title and the concept was 'What's happening with your life?' Asking the internal question Are you happy with how life is going for you? The ups and downs emulate a roller coaster, and the choices we make can shape our current situation. You never know when "time's up".

7. Again:

Tony had the lyrical idea about learning to live again after heartbreak, having a good friend giving advice to not make life harder than it seems. And while life can be really difficult at times, we can find ourselves living scenarios over and over again. Sometimes there seems to be a proverbial grey cloud over your head, and if you look inward spiritually, you CAN overcome that darkness!

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