Track By Tracks: Vai-te Foder - Cansado (2023)

1. Negros Dias (Paulinho - vox):

The lyrics reflect the current situation of our country: the lack of housing, professional opportunities, dismay due to broken promises over the years, and the lack of light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Televisão/Ilusão (Paulinho - vox):

In this album, some lyrics that were written many years ago were also recovered and this was one of them. At a time when misinformation and fake news proliferate, it made perfect sense to address this topic. An attempt to alert people to filter and authenticate the information that comes to them on a daily basis.

3. Pobreza Controlada (Patife - vox):

About wild capitalism and the lack of empathy with those who have nothing. The superiority and greed of the human being who disrespects others based on power and associated material goods.

4. Do Balcão Ao Caixão (Paulinho - vox):

Assuming responsibility for the term "Motorcrust Junkies", we wanted to incorporate in this new album the identity that we've been creating over the years and these lyrics are the reflection of that: the portrait of a night well spent at Poço!

5. Cérebro Seco (Paulinho- vox):

With the potential growth of the extreme right all over the world, not being an exception in our country, here is a small alert for the dangers that political extremes may have in the lives of all of us.

6. Gandulo Noturno (Patife - vox):

About the nocturnal experiences of a rock n' roller in his various incursions into bad life!

7. Irreversível (Paulinho - vox):

Climate change and the dangers associated with it. There's not much more to say, it's time to act!

8. Upground (Paulinho - vox):

Beef. This lyrics is a beef to the national underground scene and those who are here or have been here. To everyone who let the bands down, to those who jump from style to style depending on the visibility they will get, to those who don't have a word, to those whose image is worth more than attitudes, to those who think this is a closed circle... After twenty years of doing this, we hope that these lyrics will serve as a mirror and that many people will identify with them.

9. Simplesmente Fodido (Patife- vox):

When we've tried everything in life and nothing seems to work.

10. Apodrecer (Paulinho - vox):

About the world of drug addiction. The obsolete years of someone caught in the "web", the dragging of a body lost in time.

11. Mikel (Cirro - Guitars):

It's slang for the drug M.D. and the lyrics portray some effects of the same

12. Senhores Da Guerra (Paulinho - vox):

Lyrics about the war and who really loses with it: the people! It is about the issue of refugees, closing borders, the European fear exacerbated when receiving war refugees, making them an easy target to hate.

13. Existência Negada (Paulinho - vox):

Reminder that any dictatorial regime will not be the way forward. Owners of freedom (of the little that we still have!) will never be an option.

14. Antitude (Cirro - Guitars):

Questioning the measures often imposed on individual and collective freedom that plague us in the most varied moments of our lives. Control, authoritarian pressure and the social division we must rise up against.

15. Cansado (Paulinho - Vox):

This was one of the last themes to be composed for the album and consequently the lyrics were dragging. In a frantic grind song, a "nonsense" lyrics were written to accompany it. The term "Cansado" ( it means "Tired") is something we use to define almost all kinds of situations, hence we ended up using it for the title of the album. It was the most used word throughout the album process so it also made sense to have a theme with that name.

16. Mc Bomba (Patife/Paulinho - Vox):

This is another of the lyrics written many years ago that saw the light of day in Patife's solo project, "Vândalos". As with "Poço", we once again incorporated songs from Patife's old project, giving it our own personal touch. This time, elements were added to the lyrics that portray bombings and people's indifference to the subject.

17. Sem Rumo (Paulinho - Vox):

People who come from the most diverse social difficulties in which, in the eyes of society, they will always be "delinquents", whether because of their past, the place where they were born or the causes they defend. Social label!

18. Entre os Destroços (Paulinho - vox):

It portrays the silence of the new generations about what affects them and their future. The opacity of attitudes towards those who despised them with disastrous measures and the inability to want to understand what they can do to try to make a difference.

19. Baixo Escalão (Paulinho - vox):

In a world of injustice and social imbalance, opportunities to take revenge in life are not the same for everyone. There are those who start the race much further back and fight a lifetime without leaving the crooked strain with twice the effort. This letter portrays those who come from below and are denied opportunities no matter how much effort they put into their actions.

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