Track By Tracks: Wegferend - En Autremonde - Chapitre Second (2023)

1. Gedim:

This is the opening track of the album and it perfectly sets the tone for what's coming next with its slow and introspective start that mirrors a sunrise on the horizon. It's based on an ancient Mesopotamian myth about the Sun's cycles and its endless comings and goings to the world of the dead and back again to that of the living. The song itself has a sort of cyclic construction and it's quite progressive as it's a journey into light and darkness in which all three instruments (guitar, derbouka, vocals) intertwine completely to create a sense of unity between all of this.

2. Holy Ghost:

Probably the catchiest song on the album. The lyrics were written by our friend Sacha Lopez and they allude to Girolamo Savonarola, a monk of the XVth century who had a very harsh way of practicing religion and who preached quite violently. The song denounces dogmas of all sorts and aims at defending free thinking. It has a very simple structure and a soaring ending, which is why we used it as a single and in a music video.

3. The Wayfarer:

This one takes you to very different places. It's about complete and unconditional freedom. Sometimes we feel compelled to comply with expectations, to give up on our deepest desires in order to fit with a society in which we don't really feel fulfilled. The wayfarer is a character who decides once and for all to forsake her humanity and to blend with the elements so as to finally drop all the burdens of our modern lives. It's ultimately about returning to what's truly essential. Musically speaking, it's another quite progressive piece.

4. Druide:

It's a quiet and peaceful song featuring Jeff Grimal on classical guitar. We wanted this song to be as immersive as possible in the sense that it strives to draw you into the forest, following in the footsteps of this Druid. It's about his wisdom and it is a sort of hymn to nature.

5. Lost in Reveries:

The title is rather self-explanatory. It's an instrumental piece and the absence of lyrics allows the listeners to delve deep into their own mind, and to get lost in reveries. It starts as a quiet piece and it progressively soars, just like when you lose yourself in your thoughts, it's a mirror of that.

6. Jos l'Uèlh de la Breissa:

This is the only song on the album that is sung in Occitan, our regional language. It is based on the figure of Breissa, a sort of wise witch who follows a man lost in the forest and in himself. At some point, she shows him the beauty of nature and the beauty of life and she helps him find himself again. The music takes you to very different places, from fright to rage and eventually to peace and light.

7. En Autremonde:

The last song of the "En Autremonde" cycle features Pierre Burette on cello. We had already worked with him on "Celia" in our first EP and we were impressed by his skills and his incredible ability to capture the feeling of the song. It is another instrumental piece and it closes the chapter with a mysterious tone as the listeners finally walk through the gate of the Autremonde and leave their torn world behind.

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