Band Biographies: FALLING GIANTS

Band formed in the late summer of 2016 by the meeting of the three original members Rust (guitar and vocals), Frank (bass and vocals) and Briareo (drums). After a beginning devoted to the search for sounds between psychedelia and stoner, they then came to an ever greater mix of genres and sub-genres. The musical panorama of inspiration leads the components to seek, with difficulty, a sonic "compass" that ends in the Sludge. After a seminal demo released in January 2018, the line-up was then strengthened with a new member, Pest, on guitar, who further developed the already complex sound. The experimental attempt with the new member adds extreme influences (Death, Black and Gothic) making the overall aim more ambitious. In addition to the great inspirers of the aforementioned genres, the band adopts an approach to composition typical of other styles such as Post-Rock/Metal/Hardcore, Atmospheric, and Prog. This continuous work finds an outlet in the production of the Ep "Enter the Abyss" which consolidates the mix of Sludge, Doom, Black, Stoner and Neopsichedelia. The band then produced a Split album with the band from Vasto "Grodek" entitled "Highwaymen at the Vesper" released in 2020. Due to the global pandemic and working delays, the band only got to record its first album in early 2022 and soon to be released under the title of “Whirlwind Hymns”. In the last months of 2022, guitarist Pest left the band for personal reasons and to better concentrate on his Black Metal project (Goat Vomit Noise). In early 2023 he took over on guitar Apsychos in the Falling Giants and who also plays in the Necandi Homines, Infernal Angels and was a session player for the Selvans.

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