Band Biographies: The Promise Of Plague

The Promise of Plague was created in 2016 by Jerry Barksdale (Empyrean Asunder, Absence of Faith, Assisting Sorrow), and Jim Higgins (Abominant, Cataclysm, Assisting Sorrow) as a basement studio project with the sole philosophy of creating unique and original metal unrestrained by musical barriers and restricting genres. Together with Ashley Vega taking on female vocals, they wrote the electro-industrial inspired black metal release "Sleepwalking Into Armageddon", followed by 2019s avant-garde black metal release "The Tomb Of Lost Lovers", the year 2020 saw a departure from the industrial/electro sound with a focus on combining elements of death, black, grindcore and rock while still focusing on maintaining creativity with the release of "Death Shrouds and Vomit Stains" finally in 2023 The Promise of Plague added Phil Garrett to bass and decided to crawl out of the basement and into a legitimate studio to record "Let Those Unjust Creatures Be Burnt" complete with a full lineup The Promise of Plague is hard at work writing new material including even more diverse influences and ambitious genre-crossing material.

Let Those Unjust Creatures Be Burnt is scheduled for a September 13th release.

Jim Higgins: vocals, drums
Ashley Vega: vocals
Jerry Barksdale: guitars, keyboards
Phil Garrett: bass

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