Behind The Artworks: Comaniac - None For All (2023)

As the band Comaniac, our upcoming album "None For All" ventures into the realm of societal critique, specifically addressing the imbalance of empathy and indifference. Our initial attempt to visually represent the polar opposites of "none" and "all" led to multiple sketches, but none truly captured our vision. Thus, for the first time, we turned to an artist for guidance in perfecting the concept.

Much like the layers within our music, the artwork of the album has depth and a multitude of elements waiting to be discovered. The cover's immediate impact parallels the classical Thrash Metal influences in our music, but there's much more under the surface. Just as listeners can delve deeper into our music, the artwork too holds intricacies that encourage exploration.

In crafting the artwork, we faced an unprecedented challenge. Typically, we've had clear visions of our artwork that complemented the lyrical concepts of our albums. However, for "None For All", finding the perfect idea proved difficult. The notion of a simplistic artwork was initially proposed, contrasting our traditionally colorful and detail-rich designs. Yet, the band couldn't fully connect with this concept. So, we sought assistance from our friend and artist Ken Coleman, who had previously designed our "Holodox" (2020) album artwork. Ken excelled in interpreting the conceptual notes we provided and injecting his own creativity into the design.

The artwork does contain a few hidden symbols drawn from our past releases. For instance, the blindfolded eyes of the main character hark back to our first release "Return To The Wasteland", while the broken hand is inspired by the stone sculpture from our second offering "Instruction For Destruction". But, we prefer to leave some of the decoding to our listeners, encouraging them to compare and discover these elements themselves.

One significant departure from our previous artwork is the absence of a female figure as the main character, an unintentional yet interesting deviation we noticed partway through the process. Another unique aspect lies in the coloring: every one of our albums has its own dominant color, and "None For All" is no exception. This ensures that each release maintains its individuality, allowing it to stand alone while still forming part of our collective discography.

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