Behind The Artworks: L. A. PROJECT - Electric Life (2023)

When it comes to music, many dimensions coalesce to form a holistic experience, and artwork is an integral piece of that puzzle. For L.A. PROJECT, the avant-garde rock band known for their immersive and evocative soundscapes, the journey of conceptualizing the artwork for their latest album, "Electric Life," was no less than a creative expedition.

The "Electric Life" EP epitomizes a unique blend of visual and auditory storytelling. The band took it upon themselves to ensure that the cover artwork is not only a visual feast but also a symbolic representation of the lyrical content of their songs. The intention was to evoke a potent visual impact that would immediately resonate with the viewers, connecting them to the underlying themes and narratives even before they hit the play button.

The first single, "Carry On," encapsulates the concept of a voyage, a life journey—akin to an adventurous journey into space. The artwork takes the viewer into a captivating landscape, effectively echoing the song's call to persevere in one's journey of life. It's as if the artwork silently whispers, 'Carry on with your voyage, with your life.'

In stark contrast, the second single, "Came Alive," navigates through the tumultuous terrain of love. To embody this, a melancholic and slightly nostalgic vampire was chosen, reflecting an impossible, enduring love story—a love striving to outlast time itself.

The overall artwork for the "Electric Life" EP seeks to capture the essence of the modern world, particularly highlighting the vibrancy of the electric guitar—a central theme that drives this EP.

To breathe life into these conceptual ideas, the band collaborated with the talented artist Nicolas Oliveros. The creative process involved a vivid exchange of ideas, with the band sharing their visions and inspirations, and Oliveros masterfully translating them into compelling visuals. The band and the artist operated in a symbiotic relationship, with Oliveros successfully turning the band's ideas into a tangible reality.

The album's artwork doesn't harbor any hidden symbols or messages. Instead, it focuses on crafting a meaningful correlation between the lyrics and the visuals. This transparency and sincerity in the artwork truly set it apart and invite listeners into the band's world without reservations.

Comparatively, the artwork of "Electric Life" differs significantly from their previous EP, "5 Dimensions," which featured a 3D projection of a futuristic city, a design conceived by the band. The artwork of "Electric Life," on the other hand, leans more toward photographic landscapes and antique portraits, marking a new aesthetic direction for the band.

In conclusion, L.A. PROJECT's "Electric Life" is not just an album—it's a well-crafted artistic journey. With the evocative artwork mirroring the equally potent music, the band has successfully created a unified creative expression that seamlessly merges sound and vision, giving their audience a unique multi-sensory experience.

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