Behind The Artworks: Mind Swell - Hands Of Fire (2023)

The artwork for our EP "Hands of Fire" is based on the EP title and title track. Though the wielders in the song differ from the wielder in the artwork. In the song, the hands of fire represent the government's unrelenting scorching grasp on its citizens.

The concept of the artwork came to me while writing "Hands of Fire", the title alone is enough to inspire many visuals imaginatively. The subject being a fire witch is the wielder of the hands of fire and she represents the citizens of our country. She represents our passion and protective nature and our will to stand up for what we believe in.

When conceptualizing the artwork I thought of many injustices led by the government in the past and the burning of witches came to mind. In the artwork the fire witch has come to seek justice for the burning of her fellow witches explaining that none of the women had ever done anything wrong, they had only outperformed or outsmarted the men of their community and their fear and jealousy are not grounds to sentence anyone to death. In her passionate rage, her true identity is revealed and it causes chaos and panic in the courtroom.

The artwork was created by our good friend Hanif Alfarizi you can find him on instagram as @hanifalrizi

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