Behind The Artworks: SORROW - Death Of Sorrow (2023)

The title "Death of Sorrow" encapsulates the dual themes of the artwork of the album of the same name. It is an allegorical representation of the disintegration of both the band and the universal human response to death and destruction. This article will explore the concept, meaning, creative process, and the hidden elements behind the artwork.

While crafting this album, the band was going through its own slow demise. The creative process was intertwined with a sense of impending dissolution, leading to an album that the band itself considers "a corpse." The artwork symbolizes this death, offering a visual reminder of what's left of the band called Sorrow.

The other meaning explores the desensitization of humanity to violence and destruction. The constant exposure to horrifying images through various media has made people immune to feelings of sorrow. The title refers to this death of empathy and the artwork captures the grim reality of this normalized insensitivity.
The artwork reinforces the themes present in the album through its stark imagery. The scenes of decay, suffering, indifference, and exhaustion are meticulously portrayed, forming a visual representation of the lyrical content.

The band entrusted the cover's concept to the artist Daemorph, who contributed valuable insights into the final design. By bringing the images to the forefront instead of relegating them to the background, Daemorph enhanced the original idea, resulting in a piece that exceeded the band's expectations.

The artwork also includes an actual newspaper article from an accident in 1991 related to a band member. Though not exactly a hidden message, the inclusion adds a layer of personal touch and authenticity. Also, in the intro to "Someone else’s blood," some reversed spoken words present a challenge to the listener to uncover, adding mystery and intrigue.

The artwork for "Death of Sorrow" is a departure from the previous album covers, specifically 'Forgotten Sunrise' and 'Hatred and Disgust'. While the former attempted to ground the band in reality and failed, the latter had a distinct focus on religion's destructive effects. "Death of Sorrow," on the other hand, delves into multiple meanings, executed by the talented Daemorph, contrasting with the late Hiro Takahashi's work on the earlier albums.

"Death of Sorrow" is a complex artwork reflecting the multi-dimensional themes present in the music and the band's journey. Its connection with the album's lyrics, the collaborative creative process with Daemorph, hidden elements, and its evolution from previous album covers make it a rich visual statement. It serves as both an epitaph and a dire warning, capturing the essence of the band and the times they were living through. The artwork not only complements the music but adds depth and insight, making it a vital part of the entire artistic expression.

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