Behind The Scenes: State Of Deceit - At What Cost? (Official Video)

The ‘At What Cost?’ The video was inspired by the lyrics, which delve into the corruption of our healthcare systems from the Governments and by private entities. The ‘Plague Doctor’ is synonymous with the Black Death and the questionable practices that accompanied it, shown in the video by the Doctor forcing the alcoholic to take some unknown pills at the end of the video.

For the purposes of the video, we thought that it would clearly capture the essence of the wrongdoing and the almost ‘Gang leader’ type image that depicts the leaders of healthcare in today's age. Whilst wanting to portray the seriousness of the song, we still wanted to encapsulate the high energy of the music and our live performances. Aidan Thomas did a truly incredible job of that, through clever camera shots and energetic editing he really captured what we wanted.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though, on the morning of the shoot our preferred location had to be abandoned as the weather was terrible, however, Aidan knew a place a little way away that really came good.

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