Behind The Tracks: Hard To Explain - Watch Me (Single) (2023)

Watch Me was written after a few very hard years of trying to find my feet in the industry (I still am). As we all do, It was a struggle at the start, especially with the major imposter syndrome that I also experience.

There are a few key people that tend to shape your view of yourself and how much you believe in yourself, and when one of those people doesn’t really believe in you, it’s like a constant battle in your head because you know what you’re capable of.

Watch Me is a letter, of self-empowerment and just telling those people to watch out and remember who you are. It’s an absolute feel-good tune and you should feel like a badass when you listen to it x’ - Aisling.

Recording process:

The recording process behind ‘Watch Me’ is basically the same approach that we take to all the music. It begins with Chris laying down demo tracks alongside some scratch vocals from Aisling. These files get sent to the rest of the band and this is where the ‘Perfecting’ part of the process begins. We brainstorm and re-record, rearrange wherever necessary until we are 100% Satisfied with how it sounds!
The mixing process is made a lot simpler, due to the way we record. Chris tends to use an ‘in the box’ recording and mixing approach making the mixing process very easy! The sound is built over time. There are some other tricks we use but let’s not let the cat out of the bag just yet, a good magician should never reveal their tricks!

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