Behind The Tracks: Wither//Bloom - Becoming A Ghost (Single) (2023)

Becoming a Ghost is about the feeling when someone removed from your life tries to haunt you. This could be a close friend, family, or even a coworker dwelling in the shadows and deflecting blame from the situation.

The haunting exists when you know this person is still around like a ghost trying to cause harm to your life by painting you as the real reason for their troubles. Some relationships aren't worth saving or repairing when the person refuses to take accountability for their actions.

The instrumental of this track was an unused idea from Mike and Javi’s old band, In the After. It was one of the first songs we worked on together, practiced together, and recorded. This song was reworked before we had a name for the project. We all relate to the song because we have been burned in the past by people that refuse to take accountability for their actions and deflect the blame on those closest to them.

The music video for this song was actually filmed at our practice space in Phoenix. We blacked out half the room by pinning black sheets to the walls and ceiling and positioned everyone in one of the corners. This was our first video working with Dawson Knight and it was a pleasure. He brought many ideas to the table, including the shots of the door with fog and us walking around aimlessly. This was inspired by an episode of Twin Peaks.

It feels good to finally have this one out, and we look forward to putting out more music throughout the rest of the year. This is only the start!

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