Track By Tracks: Eerie - The Delirium Of The Believers (2023)

“The Delirium Of The Believers” is an ode to the foolishness of believers, the weakness of the human being to cling to something that does not exist to feel good, false idols, a place to take shelter and release your sins, sophistry as a flag,... many melodies and voice games are part of Eerie and of course, they could not be missing from this album.

1. The Weakness Of The Believer:

The album opens with a small intro, to give rise to dark and cold melodies, with some catchy parts, the theme to be dealt with is the weakness of believers, "while the shadows of belief weaken reason, the imposition makes senseless, thoughts contradict the truth.”

2. The Perversion:

In this song, I wanted to have Midgard, his work in Ouija and Spellcraft seems huge to me, so I proposed it to him and he accepted without putting any buts, which is appreciated and surprised me, he is a great person and very accessible.

The lyrics deal with pedophilia in the church, one of its strong points, "behind grotesque clothing lies perversion, infamous and lustful desires"

This is a more direct song, with cutting and intense riffs, one of those songs that come in to kill and impact you, it is one of my favorites, the melodic voices give it a special touch that enhances the song.

3. Puritan Doctrine:

Doctrines for the benefit of a few "stupid religions with a single goal, to enrich themselves by impoverishing the faithful, souls with hearts but without heads, submissive lambs doomed to their most miserable poverty."

This song is slower, with darker parts, without missing the melody and the game of voices, the variety in the compositions makes it not fall into monotony and this is one of those songs that cannot be missing from an album.

4. Contradictory Beliefs:

"False idol, false belief, false institution, clinging to lies, manuscripts riddled with crude stories, God's ministers spewing hatred towards their neighbor, instilling a sick ideology based on lies chained with more lies."

With a more Swedish touch comes this fourth track, with intense riffs but with a little more feeling, we continue to include new atmospheres, to broaden the range and add, so as not to make a flat album and to have more dynamism.

5. False Hope:

Intense and direct, a good dose of double bass drum alternated with another good dose of blast beat, without missing the incessant set of voices. “The hypocrisy and vanity of religion has sacrificed and stolen lives, the false hope has enriched some and impoverished others. Slaves of their god, submissive without a voice, they plead with their prayers, beg for mercy and confess their sins, to be honored in a cult.

6. Disciples Of The Antichrist:

“The Pope was the antichrist, the proud worldly priest of Rome, and the most accursed of shearers. Everyone who tried to translate the Bible from Latin was treated as a pestilential wretch, with a damnable memory, the precursor and disciple of the Antichrist who, as a complement to his wickedness, would be sentenced for heresy to be burned alive at the stake.

They were marked as the disciples of the antichrist and spewed out, from the dirty dungeon of his heart, the most perverse and condemnable heresies.

Another good dose of intensity with Swedish airs, with details of slurs on the bass.

7. The Temple Stained By Obscenity:

"Burial for a pagan, baptism for a pedophile, sacrament of perversity, false minister of god without hierarchy. The dark side floods a false doctrine, liturgy of the bizarre, decadence of a deception inculcated for millennia, false ceremonies, an idea, a lie, a belief”

For me the best song on the album, melody, darkness, intensity, perversity, the flagship song of the album and I dare say of the band, this is the line to follow!!

8. From The Dead I Will Rise:

A song with rage spitting in the face of the believers "I will observe complacently your agony, watching how you vomit your lies, watching how on the bed of your death, defenseless, you beg for mercy, to which no one will come and I will serve you on your platter false belief”. Without leaving the melody aside you will find insane passages,

9. The Wrath Of No God:

Insane and sick darkness stars in this song, narrating the insanity of the religious who kill in the name of God, the greatest atrocities committed.

“Religious fanatics looking for excuses to murder, to release their foulest and most infamous desires, the Puritans, based on hearsay, hanged, burned for their religious hysteria.

Secularization and purge of any religion that abuses its power and murders in the name of its god."

10. Outro:

And to finish the album an Outro and bonus track of the song "Perversion" without collaboration, under my most direct vision of Black Metal.

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