Track By Tracks: Flor De Loto - Lines Of Nazca (2023)


1. Empire Made Of Glass:

This song is one of the band´s classics, which we usually play live... The lyrics are based on a critique of what could be called a glass society. A society that appears solid, sincere, and empathetic, but with an excessively fragile structure, full of hypocrisy and destined for self-destruction. It's a powerful song that we found perfect to open the new album. It reflects the fusion of progressive metal and folk styles that characterizes the band. It also has the prodigious voice of the great Fabio Lione. A musical reference and a great friend of the band.

2. Animal:

Song composed together with our producer Roy Z. The lyrics speak of the instinctive impulse that comes out of each one of us, in the most complicated moments of our lives. Galloper and powerful song where the" Quena" solo of our wind instruments player, Checho Cuadros, shines brightly.

3. Slave Of Your Soul:

The album´s first single. A more personal and affective theme. Doogie White's voice has definitely raised it to another level. He sang it with a lot of feeling. In my opinion one of the best moments in the band's career.

4. Afraid To Shoot Strangers:

Iron Maiden is not only my favorite band, but also a huge influence on our music. We've always wanted to cover this song and it was Roy's idea to record it, Flor de Loto´s style, and put it on the record. Also, who better than Roy to give our version the go-ahead as Bruce Dickinson's producer and guitarist. Finally, I think we have made a version in our style with a great job of the Andean winds and our drummer.

5. Nasca Lines:

The instrumental track of the album summarizes the concept of the whole record. I think the different atmospheres and movements of the song are very enjoyable. With a lot of intensity at first, through most of the song, and ending in a very progressive and environmental climate. This is a perfect example of the instrumental and experimental side that Flor de Loto also has.

6. Regression:

The band's Progressive Metal classic. Roy's mix makes it sound even better than the original version, more powerful and modern. Fabio's voice once again fits perfectly with the performance of the band, together with the personal and analytical lyrics.

7. Until The End:

Perhaps the most important song by Flor de Loto till date. It is a long theme that encompasses and summarizes the style of the band. It was the song that cost us the most to record and translate into English, being perhaps the perfect closing for an album that, once again, marks a turning point in Flor De Loto's career.

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