Track By Tracks: Gravethorn - Underground Rituals Of Those Unseen (2023)

1. Beyond the burning Veil:

Between the world of the living and the dead, there is what's known as the veil, and it is thinnest around the end of October, where the dead can communicate with the living on a much clearer scale. Beyond the Burning Veil is the idea that if the veil were to somehow burn and there was a freedom of interaction with the living and the dead at any time.

2. Vengeance From Beyond:

We all have our enemies in life, but if the unfortunate circumstance occurs where I die before my foes, before crossing over, my spirit will remain here and torment them until absolute misery and despair engulf their souls.

3. Ancient Winds of a Cleansing Plague:

A world ruled by overlords who instill fear amongst others for the sake of power. They have no respect for the nature Gods and replace them with all with 1 false god. They've damaged the world so bad that the Earth reclaims itself while sparing those who never abandoned the old ways, using the wind Gods, Boreas, Zephyrous, Notus, and Eurus to spread a plague to those who follow this new toxic way.

4. Kingdom of Vines:

Absolute Vengeance on Kings and/or higher religious figures who murdered our pagan ancestors for refusing to give up their ways and worship their god.

5. Thornwrapped Chaos:

An elderly figure who still lives within the old ways is now going blind, and also insane from trying to survive in a world that has changed drastically around him. He is also going insane and can communicate with the dead by tapping on bamboo tubes of varying sizes and judging by the way the noise reflects and resonates, he can tell if there are others around him and if they are good or bad. He also communicates with spirits this way.

6. March of the Savages:

Another song is similar in lyrical content to Kingdom of Vines. Vengeance on the most brutal scale, this is an absolute war between Heathens of all cultures united to go to war against the oppressing religions who attempted to wipe them out of existence.

7. Monolith Rising:

Before the Great War, there was a stone Monolith that has risen from the ground, Here, we touch it and absorb the lost energies, wisdom, and powers from generations ago. These powers have greatly assisted us during the Great War in which we prevailed.

8. Divinity Through Deception:

There are those who have a thirst for power and claim to work within the light of god and will try to make others appear worse than they are through lies and deception. They also violate their own codes on a regular basis, worse than those they preach about, in hopes it is done secretly. Then, there are those who stood up to these people and walked away. The loss of power from these so-called divine ones sends them into a frenzy of tantrums when their true selves are revealed.

9. With an Axe to Grind:

The final chapter of the Great War, where the leader has been defeated. We torture them and raise their children as our own, eventually training them to destroy their surviving family who still tries to exterminate our kind.

10. The Cavern:

A short slow instrumental of the journey to find the Underground Rituals of Those Unseen, hiking through various caves and you can gradually hear the ritual louder as you get closer. Your spirit is cleansed of all toxic chaos upon arrival.

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