Track By Tracks: Gutted Alive - Human Taxidermy (2023)

1. Burial Voyeur:

This is all about Gein’s late-night excursions to the cemetery to rob graves. He was more grave robber than a murderer. Though he would go on to kill at least 2 women.

2. Butchered in the Woodshed:

Ed Gein would dismember and skin the corpses he robbed. He was often exposed to seeing his Mother slaughtering hogs as a child. This act would later become part of his macabre rituals.

3. Nipple Belts and Human Pelts:

This song is about what the investigators found in Ed’s home. How shocked they were. The feeling of being truly sickened. Witnessing all of the things he made out of the victims he dug up.

4. Severed Head Ritual:

Ed was fascinated by tribes that shrunk heads. He had done this himself several times. He even did it to his own mother's head.

5. Flesh Stretched Leather:

Another song about what was found at Gein’s house. Also about how this gave him pleasure. The process of making items from human body parts.

6. Hoarder of the Dead:

All about how Ed Gein kept the dead all around his house. One of the most notorious psychopaths that has ever existed.

7. Necropervert:

An instrumental that we felt really added to the darkness was Ed Gein.

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