Track By Tracks: Interemo - Buried In Rotten Remains (2023)

1. Twisted And Abused:

This was the last song we wrote for the album, and at the time we thought that it was the best! Me and Harry wrote it in school, and when we rehearsed after school we showed it to the others, and they loved it as well!

2. Severed:

The single, Severed! The lyrics contain a bunch of quotes from several serial killers. This is one of our favorites from the album. It’s also really fun to play!

3. Stupid As It Sounds:

Me and Harry wrote this song when we were really angry at some cranky lady who told on us when we were doing stupid shit! This song is to her, fuck her!

4. Mass Extinction:

I took a lot of inspiration from “Override The Overture” by Dismember while writing the main riff. Half the lyrics are in Swedish, and the Swedish parts are performed by a guest vocalist. The one and only Padde of Coffin Creep will be performing it live with us at the release gig in September!

5. Necromaniac:

I wrote this song after I watched a documentary about a necrophile. I also read a made-up story about a necrophile and took a lot of inspiration from that. And it turned out pretty good!

6. Wicked Assault:

We hate this song! We thought about removing it from the album. It’s not that it’s a bad song, but we hate to play it and it is just a pain in the ass!

7. Decapitation:

This one is hard to explain, haha! But there is a plan with this one, so stay with us and you will find out!

8. Madman:

We love Black Sabbath and Ozzy, so we decided to write a song for him! This one is almost only inspired by Black Sabbath!

9. Death Reigns:

Harry wrote this one when he ONLY listened to The Haunted. And you can tell when you listen to it, haha!

10. Rotten Corpse:

We love this one, but we hate it at the same time. It’s a great song, but it never fucking ends! It just ended up like that, the plan was never to make a seven-minute song, but something happened! It’s a perfect song to end the album with though!

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