Track By Tracks: Lost Dog Of Ultimo - Hey Yeah (2023)

Hey Yeah EP was recorded last year at Bounce recording studios in Melbourne By Lost Dogs Of Ultimo its a mix of songs from their repertoire and a developing soundtrack project.

It is a 4 track EP

The Title track Hey Yeah is an uplifting song with a heavy Bass riff and feel underpinning the vibe of the whole song its theme was based around fun. The song starts with a gunshot boring straight into the guitar parts and vocal harmonies that carry the song as it builds its energy. This track has a dance vibe with a rocking beat laying down a sound that resembles Living Colour.

Alien String Fuck is the second track and kicks off with a powerhouse punchy guitar chord structure that grabs you and drives you into its rowdiness. This is a song about another world in our solar system and how I think they would groove if they could share their music with us.

The chorus is all about the Bassline running Up and Downscale as the guitar follows as best it can as it strains to keep up. The energy is contagious and gripping till the end culminating in the sampled noises that represent what I perceive as Alien speak The third track is The Cowboy Returns. This song is another instrumental and is based on the character Rasta Cowboy I am writing about for a book titled Rasta Cowboy and the main character is The Ultimo Dog the hero that comes back home to help clean up his old town being taken over by gangs.

A laid-back character with a song that represents a laid-back feel but underlying this The Cowboy has strength and street smarts. The song has elements of Reggae in the chords and Bass lines with a classic Rock drum beat that holds the song together with a smooth guitar line that runs through most of the song to add a voice where there are no lyrics.

The Darkness Arrives is the fourth track on the EP and is another song that's from The Ultimo Dog book Rasta Cowboy. This is all about the fear of evil lurking in the streets at night. The lyrics are minimal and retain a sense of urgency as the hypnotic loops and beats build the element of fear using the Bassline as a stand-out point of structure. The guitar part is a simple riff straight out of a spaghetti western with the howling wolves in the background that gives a sense of remoteness as you walk the Darkening Streets into the night.

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