Track By Tracks: Necronomicon Ex Mortis - Silver Bullet (2023)

1. Crypt of the Gorilla God:

This song is inspired by pulp science fiction novels from the 1970s. I wanted to write something thrashy and fun to support the story about a giant ape rising from the dead. In complete truth, the song title came before the idea for the lyrics, but this isn’t uncommon for me when it comes time to put words to paper.

2. The Swamp:

This song is very much a nod to Gothenburg-style death metal. I’ve always loved how they blend traditional harmony with more punky riffs. Also, we haven’t done a “triplet rager” kind of song before, either, so it was a nice departure from what we did on the first EP. For the guitar nerds, there’s also a “tip of the hat” to Andy LaRocque in the solo section.

3. Cycle of the Werewolf:

I love the 80s synth-wave and old John Carpenter scores, so we wanted to really hype up the final tune on the EP; Silver Bullet. Originally, this was supposed to be directly connected to the final song, but we decided to separate it.

4. Silver Bullet:

Like the first EP, the final song is directly named after a horror movie. For Silver Bullet, we wanted to go even crazier than anything we had done before. It’s faster, more technical, and has a brutally difficult solo right in the middle. It seems the most “us” of all the tunes; maybe a better way to state that is “this song contains the most of my favorite musical priorities.”

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