Track By Tracks: Radioactive Pineapple - Insane (2023)


Jake: This song is actually a couple of years old. I think I wrote the first version in 2019 or something, but it got buried under all the other ideas I was working on at that time. I even thought the song wasn’t that good and that I could write a better one anytime I wanted. However, last year I was presenting my ideas to the guys and got frustrated when they turned down one after another. I decided that I would write as simple and catchy pop-punk -song as possible and then I suddenly remembered my old idea which I then rearranged, Ozzie making the main riff even catchier and writing the second verse. Eventually Insane has earned its place as my best Pineapple-song so far, which I couldn’t have guessed when I first wrote it. On the top of that, it became the opening track for the EP which was also named after it. 


Ozzie: I’m tired of shit talkers and such, “Clown” is about that. It’s about not getting the people that want the worst for you to get power over you. The lyric: “why should I let you get the privilege of crashing me down?” summarizes it pretty well. Otherwise, it’s a pretty standard fast-paced punk song. You could slap this on any Tony Hawk Pro Skater game and you wouldn't think twice about it. An instant 90s classic, too bad that we came a bit late to the party with this one. Don’t let the clowns reign over you, do you! 

3. So Long Suckers:

Ozzie: The song is about my brief visit to the hospital. I was super confused about what was going on, was I suffering a stroke? Was it some other life-altering condition? Was I going to die? I didn’t know, but one thing was certain: I couldn't move and I was shaking like there was no tomorrow. It must have been the peak Corona panic era when that happened. I dramatized the lyrics a bit for added spice. Now all is well, and the seizures turned out to be stress-related. Stress is no joke! Production wise there are some The Beatlesque strings and other orchestra-related elements hidden in the mass, but no one’s going to hear them since I suck at mixing. It’s a simple song with loads of layers, it’s almost like an onion. We were aiming for that “wall of sound” type thing. 


Ozzie: I’ve always struggled with anger and the feeling of hate. In “Angry” I try to explore that side of me in the form of lyricism. I and Jake co-wrote it together by separating the perspectives. In the parts where I sing, I use the pronoun I whereas Jake uses the pronoun You. We tried to portray the angry person through two different lenses. One is where the person is experiencing the feeling of anger directly, and the second perspective is from the outside perspective. The way anger manifests is quite different to each perspective but nonetheless destructive. I personally think it’s the best song that we have. There are some string instruments in the background and other cool little harmonies and such. All in all, I think we nailed it with this one! The guitar solos are good, the melodies are good, it just works. 

5. Spend the Night:

Jake: This song was initially a joke. Last summer I was drinking with Ozzie and got an idea of a song that would fit in a TikTok-video. I knew it had to be a fast one and it shouldn’t have anything that wasn’t really necessary. So one night I picked up my guitar and started jamming the chords. The whole song was ready in 15-20 minutes which is pretty fast for me. I didn’t know whether the song was good or not, but after I played it to my then-former bandmate Jones he suggested that Pineapple should record it so here we are. 

6. Go Fuck Yourself (Bonus Track):

Just another joke song crafted in about 5 minutes. I played all the instruments and I did all the vocals as well. Completely a filler thus why we call it a “Bonus Track”. Like all the songs that I’ve written, It vaguely tells a story about having a deep hatred towards somebody, quite relatable. I tried to spice things up by throwing a piano there, an instrument that I cannot play. I tried to keep the track as “live” as possible, so that’s why you can hear some quirky things going on with some parts of the song. The intro was recorded by using my phone and an Ipad. I hope you like the sound of me chewing gum because I left that in as well. -Ozzie

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