Band Biographies: The Distance

The Distance is a powerful post-hardcore and screamo band formed in 2019 in Mallorca. They already released a full-length album, Prologue, in early 2022. The four members of the band (Yamil on guitar and vocals, Óscar on bass, Julián on guitar, and Alberto on drums) have been playing through the years in other rock and punk bands.

This project began as a response to the new concerns of its members who wanted to explore other ways of showing their emotions through the inspiration caused by the music composed in the 2010s by the last wave of hardcore bands. This way, they collected all their influences and presented their powerful and emotional music in multiple concerts and festivals.

In The Distance catalog, we find deep and long post-rock and atmospheric riffs to fast songs inspired by hardcore bands. The music, combined with honest lyrics sung in screamo and sometimes spoken style, gives the group's music a unique sense of emotion and strength, a style that has been called extreme and surprising in its mix.

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