Band Biographies: Misery Lane

Misery Lane started as an idea and has grown to so much more.  We are a multi-genre metal band that uses dark and melodic rhythms with aggressive and expansive drum beats to cross the boundaries of labels and open the door to a new musical experience.
Founded in October of 2020, Misery Lane is a rising star in the Michigan metal community and surrounding states.  Catching the eye of multiple promoters after they launched, Misery Lane secured shows in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan.  We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver powerful and explosive live performances.  
Our debut album, Frozen Summer, released February 1, 2021, is nothing like any of the other metal/rock albums out there.  There are songs that strike your mind and insist that you feel the emotion of the music.    Songs like "Heroes", "Behind the Curtain" and "True Colors" dare the listener to look passed the blistering guitar riffs into the deeper meaning of the songs while "You Are Not Alone" and "The Other Man" preach about exactly what the songs suggest using slow and meaningful rhythms to entice you in and open you up.
The sophomore album is nothing like the fans have heard before.  We went outside the box of expectations and brought some new and exciting sounds and arrangements to grab the listener and lock them in.  There is something for everyone.

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