Band Biographies: The SCREAM

The SCREAM is a power-trio band that makes 'angry fun' its fundamental creed and translates it into music. The band was born in 2017 in Guardamiglio, a little-known provincial village located between Lodi and Piacenza, where, apart from the unhealthy air, the winds of rock 'n' roll blow very strongly. The SCREAM was founded by the current three members: Edoardo Ferri (bass and lead vocals), Francesco Carrabba (drums and backing vocals), and Simone Bardella (guitar and backing vocals). They chose their name to assert themselves, with a strong and furious push from the background of the area they live in, in the shadow of the cities: "Hey, we're here, and now we're going to loudly make ourselves heard!!"

The band writes, produces, and performs original songs (with 2 albums to their name), in an entirely 'Do It Yourself' way without adhering to genre labels or worrying about how the audience will react. They aim to blend elements of two main genres that are dear to the three band members, both in terms of musical preferences and personal inclination: Punk Hardcore for its speed, immediacy, and attitude, and Hard Rock/Metal for its powerful sound. While their inspirational musical background is quite extensive, the four main cornerstone bands for this group are Motorhead, The Offspring, Danko Jones, and the early Metallica of 'Kill'Em All'.

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